I’m a firm believer in power-dressing, so the first thing I did as a I embarked on my career-search was head into town and buy a suit with my savings. The perfectly tailored, navy combo that I picked up from Next set me back £100, but it looked the part whilst making me feel like […]

… without making a complete fool of yourself.

Graduation just around the corner? Here’s the seven stages to accepting your time at uni is coming to an end.

“What’s wrong with me? Why doesn’t anyone want me?!” Sound familiar? That’s because you might have been here before…. Whether you’re trying to bag a student summer job or land that the Holy Grail of graduate schemes, your job hunt rings all too familiar of your unsuccessful love life. It’s not you… well actually, it is. […]

No summer job lined up? Why not busk? These 10 fool-proof busking techniques will have you making money in no time, and with no-talent-required, what have you got to lose?* *except your dignity, friends and the respect of your loved ones….

Ageism is a terrible thing, so here’s 12 ways to discourage others from thinking that you’re fresh out of Uni and don’t know what you’re doing. 1.      Speak of university as if it were a distant memory What did you study at university? You can’t even remember, it was so long ago. But you […]

Finishing first year soon and want to cool it on your current love affair? Or are you soon to disembark from the university ride and want to enter grad life solo? Or, do you simply just not have the guts to say you don’t like your other half? Fear not my cowardly friend. These 10 […]

Think you have unique “friends” on Facebook? Think again.

Doing revision is super easy, said no student ever.

Do not attempt these ‘cheap’ fixes, no matter how tough times get.