18 Things Students Say That Annoy Graduates

- Published on The Daily Touch 31/03/14.

Your student days are likely to be some of the best of your life.

However, once you’ve left the university bubble and real life begins, you’ll find yourself irritated and maybe ever so slightly resentful of all the students still living the dream.

Here are the most annoying comments students make that really get on our grumpy-grad nerves… Continue reading

31 Awkward Experiences You’ll Face When Starting A New Job

Published on The Daily Touch 27/02/14.

After months of painstaking applications and horrific interviews, you’ve finally landed a job!

The hard part is over, all you have to do now is get through the first week without making a complete fool of yourself.

Simple? You would think so, but here are 31 of the worst first-job experiences that many of us are likely to suffer: Continue reading

12 Blood-Boiling Things Parents Say to Graduates

Having to move back in with your parents after Uni is humiliating. After having the best three years of your life, you’re forced to abandon your independence and shack up with mum and dad. Not only is it bad enough that you no longer have full control over the TV, you are also subjected to daily interrogations on your career plans and pointless arguments about domestic rules.


If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s as if your parents are only able to say the same things to you, day in, day out.

If you find any of the statements below incredibly irritating, then it is likely that you have been living with the burden of your parents for longer than you can bear: 

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27 Children’s TV Characters You’re Guaranteed To Meet In Real Life

Posted on The Daily Touch on 13/1/14.

Children’s TV was great – not only was it brilliant for filling your Saturday mornings, but it also prepared you for some unruly characters in later life.

Here’s 27 people the 90′s kids programmes warned you about meeting:

1. The Spoilt Princess - Angelica (Rugrats)

She has regular access to her daddy’s bank account and understands the devastation of the recession – her parents were forced to downgrade their food shopping to Waitrose basic. Continue reading

How To Shop In The Sales Without Dying

Published on The Daily Touch 08/01/2014

You’ve been living in the same Christmas jumper for the past few weeks in a desperate attempt to avoid shopping centers for as long as possible. But it’s time to face it, you need to go shopping. It’s time to face the unthinkable… You’re going to have to hit the sales.

But don’t panic. These 7 tips will ensure that you survive the traumatic experience of sales shopping, and make it out of the shops alive. Continue reading

5 New Year’s Resolutions You’re Never Going To Keep

Published on The Daily Touch on 26/12/13.

New years resolutions are tricky. We spend the entire year throwing around oaths that we will lose weight or stop smoking, but when we make official resolutions for the new year we expect to be properly committed…

Or not. We all know that most resolutions don’t last more than a few days, but why? Perhaps some of the excuses below will ring familiar: Continue reading

25 First World Problems All Graduates Will Have To Endure

Published on The Daily Touch 09/12/13.

It’s a hard life being a graduate. Learning to let go of the student lifestyle after 3 or more years of fun and freedom is one of the hardest things someone can do.

Here are 25 problems about being a graduate which justify feeling a bit sorry for yourself, because life is just too tough sometimes…

1. Wanting to go to the pub on Sunday, but having work on Monday.


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24 Reasons Student Nightlife Is Better as a Graduate

Published on The Daily Touch 5/11/13. 

Tired of working full time?  Revisit university and make the most of the student nightlife – because it’s so much better when you’re a graduate.

Here are 24 reasons why:

1. Working all week makes your weekends more precious – you’ll be determined to have an awesome night.


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12 Ways To Convince Others You’re A Mature Adult

Published on The Daily Touch 7/11/13

Ageism is a terrible thing, so here’s 12 ways to discourage others from thinking that you’re fresh out of Uni and don’t know what you’re doing.

1.      Speak of university as if it were a distant memory

What did you study at university? You can’t even remember, it was so long ago. But you do know that back in your day, tuition fees were A THIRD of what they are now – how times have changed…

DH_GIF_DT Continue reading

The 8 Stages of Getting Over University

Published on The Daily Touch 21/10/13

You knew it was the right thing to do, but despite having an incredible summer, you’re still pining for your student lifestyle. Fortunately, there’s only eight heart-wrenching stages to endure before you accept your separation from your much-loved university:

1. Jealousy – When they have the cheek to move on to someone else


They told you you were special. They told you they’d never forget you. And now they’ve gone and invited another 20,000 freshers to fill your place, and are littering your news feed with pictures of all the fun things that they’re doing together. Your room in halls has been filled by a younger, perkier model, and your irreplaceable role on the committee of your society has been filled by someone who can drink four times what you could. Now you feel used, as if you were just a number. Continue reading